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The  convenors of TGMTE 2021, will make an announcement regarding the event, based on the uncertainties due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent ban on gatherings. 

Please refer to the website for further details:

My Own Modules

A fiddle yard started a while ago.  

Originally started and planned as a yard for an N-Trak modular layout, the design incorporated an area for Steam and Diesel locos but is meant predominantly for steam operations. 

A turn table with a roundhouse and coaling yard takes care of the steamier side of the operation and a diesel bunker with loco washing area sorts out the diesels.

This yard will soon be on display as part of a Bend-Track modular layout and with luck, should be ready for “The Great Model Train Expo 2021” to be held in October next year.

Authentically South African

The range of authentic and exquisite South African outline Station and Railway buildings, handcrafted by Albert Borgstein is available at The Modeltrainshop.